Student Selection

  • The selection of graduate students is carried out by the Steering Committee of the Program and approved by the Department’s Special General Assembly. The selection is made with consideration of the following criteria: the overall grade of the B.Sc. degree (25%), the grades in undergraduate courses on subjects relevant to the Program and thesis (20%), any research activity of the candidate (10%), any professional experience of the candidate (10%) and personal interview (35%).
  • Good usage of the English language is considered essential.
  • The interview of the candidates conducted by the Steering Committee evaluating the candidate’s training in basics of Computer Science, the scientific establishment, any earlier research and professional work and critical ability.
  • The evaluation committee ranks the candidates in merit order and submits the list and relevant contribution to the Special General Assembly. The Special General Assembly validates the evaluation table and declares entrants (successful) graduate students and runners. The communication of students (candidates) graduate students and runners must have been completed at least one month before the start of the first semester.
  • Within a week of the announcement of the results, the successful candidates are invited to confirm their participation at the Secretariat of the Program.
  • In the case of resignations, the Secretariat informs the second best candidates according to the evaluation list.
  • Any complaints of candidates must be submitted to the Secretariat of the Program within five (5) working days from the date of announcement of results. The complaints are considered by the Steering Committee which is obliged to formulate a recommendation to the General Assembly on the submitted complaints. The General Assembly ultimately decides on the acceptance or not of the objections and correspondingly modifies or not the list of the candidates and finalists.